LNS Spitsbergen and Eurosupply enter partnership

June 13th, 2022

Since 2000, Eurosupply AS has established itself as the leading ship chandler in Norway, offering complete services and deliveries in the maritime and offshore industry. Over several years, Eurosupply AS have delivered goods to Longyearbyen and have partnered with one of the industries most experienced operators.

In collaboration, these companies will form LNS Spitsbergen Eurosupply Ship Chandler, based in Longyearbyen, Svalbard. The company will offer wholesale goods to both maritime and local industries, a year-round stock will secure stable and reliable access to goods for customers.

” We are proud to secure Norway’s leading Ship Chandler as a part of the team. Over many years, we have delivered logistic services to Eurosupply and now is the time to develop this collaboration further. The establishment of a combined ship chandler in the region will ensure a stable supply of goods to customers throughout Svalbard. Together we will offer be a complete supplier of services to the maritime market, this includes goods, fuel, maintenance, and other services. We can reduce purchase and delivery cost as a result of the partnership, which will be a direct benefit to our customers. This also forms a part of LNS Concern’s existing investment on Svalbard, which contributes to stable employment in Longyearbyen.” Says Frank Jakobsen, Managing Director/CEO – LNS Spitsbergen.

Managing Director/CEO of Eurosupply comments that “Ship Chandlers operate in a challenging industry; success is reliant on good logistical solutions. Without experienced local logistic partners, we would not be able to meet our high-level demands for both delivery and customer service, as a result we have had a prolonged and close collaboration with LNSS, whom in many ways has been an extended arm to our customers.

Growth in the market means it is a good time to establish a Ship Chandler on Svalbard. LNSS and Eurosupply have many shared values; both companies are service minded, solution orientated and professional within their respected fields. Together, vi have the experience and resources to succeed in creating new and improved delivery and service solutions, to both local industry and marine and offshore industry.

We are looking forward to rolling up our sleeves and getting started!”

LNS Spitsbergen Eurosupply Ship Chandler anticipate active operation from 1st September 2022