About us

We are located in Bergen, Haugesund, Porsgrunn, Moss and Spitsbergen. We offer complete range of provissions and consumables for maritime and offshore industries.

Who we are

First and foremost Eurosupply AS consists of dedicated people who are here to serve our customers. Some of us are among the most experienced ship chandlers in the country. Our goal is simply to be “our customers ‘best-choice’. This is the driving force behind all we do. Ship chandelling is our passion and we strive to do all that is needed, when needed, to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the job we do. Therefore, we are available to our customers 24 hours a day, every day – all year round.

EuroSupply at work


Since November 2000, Eurosupply AS Bergen has established itself as a leading full-range ship chandler in Norway. We are located in modern premises of approximately 4,000 square meters with all necessary facilities within frozen and chilled products, dry goods and deck / machine supplies.

Delivery from EuroSupply


In 2011, Eurosupply AS acquired Sjur Lothe Skipshandel AS and established offices in Haugesund under the name Eurosupply AS, Haugesund. At Bo in Avaldsnes, we have a modern warehouse of about 2,000 sqm with excellent cooling and freezing facilities. We also have workshop for repair and certification of lifting equipment. Sjur Lothe Skipshandel has a long tradition and the company was established already in 1891.

Sjur Lothe Skipshandel

The history of Eurosupply

The company was established by eight ship chandlers, whereas five are still active in daily operation.

Became member of Servicegrossistene Maritim, a collaboration between six independent ship chandlers along the Norwegian coast. Members of the SGM are affiliated with Servicegrossistene AS – a chain comprising 17 independent wholesalers in Norway.

Acquired Fyns Kran in Bergen who delivered lifting and safety equipment.

Moving into the new warehouse in Åsane of about 4,000 sqm.

Acquired Sjur Lothe AS a ship chandler in Haugesund.

Extension of the warehouse in Åsane.

Acquired Gundersen & Moldestad AS

Spun off some of the export business into a separate company, Eurosupply International.

Established a new warehouse for Owners Goods in Bergen.

Established a new Ship Chandler in Svalbard in collaboration with LNS Spitsbergen: LNS Spitsbergen - Eurosupply Ship Chandler AS

Established an operation in Porsgrunn with bonded storage facilities south of Oslo.

HSE and Q&A


As part of Servicegrossistene we have enforced strict quality routines. Quality in all stages is a fundamental value for us. We have quality management systems that correspond to ISO 9001, and have good routines that ensure full traceability for all products. We are continuously concerned with improvement, and therefore we use all deviations as tools to improve our operational performance.


We care about the environment and are approved as Eco-Lighthouse. We are also part of Green Dot, the Initiative for Reduced Food Waste, etc. All our trucks meet Euro 6 emission requirements.

Health and safety

The health, safety and well-being of our employees are important to us. We are ambitious, and we work with the Occupational Health “Prevent Damage” to constantly improve our routines. We have good internal control routines, and data sheets for all dangerous goods are available on Ecoonline.no. All employees are covered by good insurance agreements.



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